Heather Hills Farm - Our History


Since 1945

It was back in 1945 that Athole Kirkwood acquired his very first hive of bees. Athole had been evacuated to Strathardle to stay with relatives and decided then that he would be back to live here some day. Ten years later he brought his hives to Blairgowrie and founded Heather Hills Honey Farm.

It may be that the weather was as fickle then as now, but that winter was very hard and all one hundred beehives perished. Athole did not give up and kept the business going.

The Scottish weather remains a constant challenge for today´s beekeepers as they endeavour to bring you the exclusive flavours of Heather Hills Honey. Today some 1300 beehives are still moved seasonally around the Perthshire & Deeside countryside.

The company is now run by brothers Mark and Bernard Noonan and their team of loyal staff.

1300 Hives - 52 Million Honey Bees - Speciality Honey & Preserves