How our Honey is Produced

honey production displayIn an age of mass production and bulk processing, we make sure that the natural goodness of our honeys stays with it and is not lost during the harvesting, separating or bottling processes.

Our honeys are removed from the honeycomb on collection from the hive whilst the honey is still in liquid fowl. This negates the need to heat the combs for extraction thus destroying some of the natural enzymes and good bacteria naturally present.

The liquid blossom honey is stored in a (non-heated) settling tank in which any impurities present float to the surface and the pure honey is drained from the bottom of the tank.

The heather honey, being of higher viscosity (much thicker) is subjected to a spinner in which the honey is spun through a small mesh filter to remove any impurities.

All our honeys and preserves are bowed in our unique designed 12 oz jar which is ribbed and shaped like an old fashioned bee hive called a skep.

honey drop - Heather Hills Honey

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