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We appreciate the benefits associated with honey and ensure that the harvesting and bottling process does not degrade our honey in any way.

In an age of mass production and bulk processing, our honeys are collected and extracted using traditional methods. We never heat our honey over the normal temperature of the hive which is 35 degrees C. This ensures that the essential bee enzymes, proteins and quality of our honeys  stay within and are not destroyed during the harvesting, separating or bottling processes. This produces artisan, raw honeys with a far superior quality and distintive flavour whilst retaining their natural benefits.In wine terms, our award-winning Scottish Heather Honey is known as the 'Champagne of Honeys' doue to the geographical location of our hives, the terrain and the climate.

To complement our Scottish Honey Range, we also specialise in a selection of 100% pure and raw monofloral honeys specifically selected by our Honey Sommelier from around the world for their own unique aroma, palate, finish and texture. Our world-class, award-winning Scottish preserves, handcrafted in small batchs in traditional open pans from the finest fruit, burst with flavour. Our trio of summer berry preserves are made from local Perthshire fruit pollinated by our own bees. No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Only when our Master Jam Maker is happy to sign each batch off, are we happy to put our name to them.

Standard carriage of 7.20 is applied.  Look at our bulk discounts section for great savings.


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